A Forward-Thinking Topeka Attorney For Your Family

The law is about both resolving past issues and setting up a positive future. Unfortunately, many attorneys are primarily interested in drawing out disputes to line their own pockets. I have no interest in that.

My goal at Gallagher Law Office, LLC, is to give my clients a swift yet lasting resolution during some of the most contentious times in their lives. I firmly believe that doing good work means helping people. When you work with me, you will work with an attorney whose goals align with yours.

Practice Areas

Gallagher Law Office, LLC, is a general practice firm, but I primarily handle family law issues related to divorce, child custody, child support, paternity and other child-related matters. In some cases, these issues overlap with criminal defense, business law, employment law and more.

Resolving Your Case

I effectively handle a wide range of legal matters throughout the Topeka, Kansas, area. If you need transactional help with a contract or agreement, representation in settlement negotiation or assertive defense in court, I can help you.

Working With Attorney Cory Gallagher

No two cases are the same, so why do so many lawyers treat them that way? I work hard to make sure my clients are given the personal attention they deserve. As a solo practitioner, I am my clients' direct contact throughout all legal proceedings.

When you retain my services, you can expect that I will know your name, explain the process and answer your questions. I'll call you back on your schedule to make sure you can confidently move forward with the best information possible.